Stand-on Electric Stacker

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Stand-on Electric Stacker
£7,161.00 + VAT

Price From: £7,161.00

Product code:ES14-14RA / ES16-16RA

1.4 - 1.6 tonne 300 / 360Ah battery
£7,161.00 + VAT

Price From: £7,161.00

ES14-14RA / ES16-16RA - 

1. Maintenance-free AC drive system with quick response, accurate control, and excellent power efficiency.

2. Anti-roll back button is available as standard to prevent uncontrolled travel speed or roll-back on ramps.

3. Mechanical, hydro cylinder and electronic triple lift limit protection enhances safety while lifting or lowering in motion.

4. Compact chassis design improves the stability, two-stage or three-stage masts are optional to tailor the vehicle to meet the specific needs.

5. Pedal and guard arms together with operator handle make operation comfortable.

6. Deceleration switch activates when the mast is lifted up to 50 cm, reducing drive speed by half to ensure stable fluid operation.

7. Sideway battery design, easy for replacing the battery.

8. The ergonomically designed handle ensures smooth and easy control of all operations.

9. Opening board without any tools, makes it easy for checking motor,etc.

10. American AMP connectors with top quality, prevents moisture and contaminants from interrupting truck operation in all environments, plus all the wires and cables reliably protected and fixed, greatly reduces the electrical error.

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