Minimover Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck

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Minimover Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck
£3,131.00 + VAT

Product code:EPT-20-16M

1.6 tonne, 70AH battery
1.Tilter head ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort,and control buttons positioned to allow operation with either hand. 2.On-board hour meter and BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator) on time informs operator of recharge requirements. 3.Tight but friendly components layout, easy access to maintenance. 4.Minimum 75mm fork lowest height suit to narrow access pallets. 5.Compact chassis design improves maneuverability in confined spaces. 6.Creep speed control enable the operator to work more effectively in confined spaces. 7.Battery tray with reinforced protection against collision and vibration. 8.Balance Caster wheel for added stability and maximum safety. Product Code - EPT-20-16M

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