Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck 2 Tonne

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Pedestrian Electric Pallet Truck 2 Tonne
£5,394.00 + VAT

Product code:EPT-20-20W

2.0 tonne 210AH battery
1.Durable and rigid frame and forks construction ensure the truck to handle heavy loads. 2.Tilter head ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfortable,and control buttons positioned to allow operation with either hand. 3.Adjustable truck working performance level by programmable unit. 4.Long life traction system. The traction unit is mounted centrally, special stronger gear box ensure long life of separately excited motor. Its external position ensures adequate ventilation. 5.Standard grease fitting on pivot points. 6.Entry and exit rollers ensure a fast, smooth handling operation. 7.Ergonomic tilter head and handle design ensure the operator’s high vision to fork access to pallets, and operating handle freely and easily. 8.Battery tray with reinforced protection against collision and vibration. Product Code - EPT-20-20W

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