Stand-on Electric Pallet Truck

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Stand-on Electric Pallet Truck
£6,150.00 + VAT

Product code:EP-20-28EX

2.8 tonne 280AH battery
1. The curtis AC electronic system guarantees low energy consumption and quiet operation of the pallet truck.The control system prevents current peaks, thus protects the motors and the battery from premature wear. 2. Closed side protection arms automatically set the speed at low speed mode, ensuring safety for operator. 3. Ergonomical side protection arms design ensure the operator is comfortable when working operation. 4. Entry and exit rollers ensure a fast, smooth handling operation 5. Balance Caster wheel for added stability and maximum safety. 6. Ergonomical foldable stand-on platform design with comfortable pad materials. 7. Durable and rigid frame and forks construction ensure the truck can handle heavy loads. 8.Two strong side lifting cylinders with one extra central cylinder design ensure stable loading and unloading operations. 9.Electric power steering system: Easy to operate, excellent performance on turning. Product Code - EP-20-28EX

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