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A comprehensive guide to manual pallet trucks

If you are looking for a manual pallet truck, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many high-quality options available. Which is the right one to meet your needs? Does it matter where you work? Are there options that work for hospitals as well as manufacturing environments?

This article will seek to explain what the five different types of manual pallet trucks are, when you would use them, the amount you can use them for, and which may be the best choice for you. Read on to find out more.

Long reach pallet trucks

Trying to find the correct manual pallet truck when you need to transport large pallets for warehouses, supermarkets and factories? It can be challenging to find one that will work for your requirements. A pallet truck that doesn’t have the correct length won’t work for larger or unusually shaped goods. A long reach pallet truck is ideal for this sort of work and can even be used at the docks for those very large shipments. Available in a choice of sizes, they can handle up to 2000 kilograms, with tapered fork tips to increase usability. Specially designed for those large and cumbersome loads that are otherwise difficult to transport, they are the ultimate choice for practicality.

High-lift pallet trucks

Do you work in an environment that requires heavy loads to be lifted? Is it slowing down your operation because the loads need to be broken down into manageable chunks for people to lift? The right choice of pallet truck can change all that. When you opt to introduce a high-lift pallet truck into your workplace, it makes lifting amounts of up to 1000 kilograms easier. This can help to reduce workplace injuries caused by workers attempting to lift loads which are too heavy for them. Perfect for a range of working environments, including manufacturing, these pallet trucks are easy to use. Simple to raise and lower with a three-position control lever, they are incredibly user friendly and very durable and reliable. Convenient and essential for those working in industrial settings, you can bring the materials up to a comfortable height for your workers and improve safety, productivity and convenience.

Rough terrain pallet trucks

You may have to transport goods outside of a factory or other indoor settings. It isn’t always smooth ground underfoot – so you need a pallet truck that can work for all kinds of terrain. These robust models are specially designed to allow you to transport pallets over unpredictable terrain that may be rough and impossible for other pallet trucks to tackle. The large diameter wheels are capable of taking on uneven and unpaved areas, grass, and even soil, making your heavy loads easy to manoeuvre. Remaining agile and lightweight, some of these rough terrain pallet trucks come with adjustable widths to give you even more scope for transporting larger loads.

Pallet trucks with scales

Are you on the lookout for a convenient, all in one solution? If you need to weigh goods before you transport them, it is much more convenient to be able to do this without having the move them around too much. It costs time to move goods from a scale to a pallet truck and can result in delays. You can easily both transport and weigh your pallets when you choose a pallet truck with scales. This hassle-free option can transport goods that weigh up to 2000 kilograms and are up to 200mm in height. With a net weight of only 85kg, it’s easy for workers to use and gives a high level of accuracy so you will be able to simply discover if you have gone above the maximum loading amount.

Galvanised and stainless steel pallet trucks

If you need your manual pallet truck to work in a more sterile environment, or just one with higher than average hygiene standards, then a galvanised or stainless steel pallet truck could be the right option for your workplace. Suitable for use in the food industry, medical environments such as hospitals or other pharmaceutical settings, these pallet trucks are sturdy enough to give you long-lasting performance. Strong enough to handle a load capacity of up to 2500 kilograms, they are ideal for all types and sizes of pallets, meeting all your business requirements.


With five great choices of manual pallet trucks, there is sure to be one that is right for your needs. Whether you want the convenience of weighing and transporting in one or you need a choice that works for environments that require high levels of hygiene, you can find the right size and style of pallet truck for all your transportation requirements. We hope you now have the right information to make an informed choice, alternatively, get in touch and find out more.