Since entering the material handling industry in the 1960s, Crown has forged a reputation as the market-leading innovator of top of the range forklifts and material handling equipment.


In this blog, we’ll explore how the Crown Wave order picker compares to the Order Picker JX1.

Crown Wave

people using the crown wave to pick goods

Crowns’ Work Assist Vehicle, the Wave, is an order picker designed to deliver savings by offering the user a productive, versatile and safe way to go about their business in a busy warehouse or retail environment.

The Wave is undoubtedly up there with the leading pickers on the market, designed to keep the user safe from the moment the key is turned. The Crown’s 123 System coordinates a functional display, manages lift and lower options and controls speed, braking and steering.

Crown Wave Key Advantages

The Wave’s four-point safety integrates the following:

Interlocking Gates – Interlocked gates must be closed before the platform can move.

Platform Sensors – Safety sensors will disable any movement if weight is applied to the section directly below the platform.

Hand Sensors – Hand sensors ensure that the operator has both hands on the controls before any travel or lift functions are activated.

Dual Foot Pedals – The dual foot pedals also include sensors to ensure the operator has both feet correctly placed on the platform. The picker will stop if either foot is removed or has been positioned incorrectly.

Crown Wave Key Stats

  • Capacity – 115kg
  • Power – 24 v / 194 Ah
  • Max Platform Lift Height – 2995mm

Order Picker JX1 

For many years the only choice in the market was Crown, but advancements in manual handling technology mean that one of the best options currently available is the Order Picker JX1.

The JX1 offers an option that comes somewhere between a basic work assist vehicle and an expensive VNA truck.

This picker offers the ultimate option in ergonomic design, featuring a digital display and movable armrests on each side of the driver, which gives them the option to exit the picker on either side.

The biggest advantage the JX1 has over the competition is a far more stable and smooth driving experience, because it doesn’t have large castors at the front which can make the drive feel uncomfortable and unstable.

JX1 Key Advantages

man riding a jx1 order picker through a warehouse

Labour Costs Halved – A two-person task can become a one-person job and can be completed much more quickly.

Expense Reduction – Using the JX1 increases safety operations around the warehouse, reduces overtime by increasing productivity and decreases the chance of severe injuries from a fall etc.

Damage Costs Reduced – Safer manual handling equipment and height assistance reduces the chance of dropping products from heights – instead, they can be brought down safely and effortlessly.

Order Picker JX1 Key Stats

  • Capacity – 500kg
  • Power – 24 v / 224 Ah
  • Max Platform Lift Height – 4880mm

Why Buy an Order Picker?

a man high on an order picker retrieving something from high racking

Traditional ladders come with a multitude of potential risks. Employee falls, and injuries caused by using incorrect equipment is an area that continues to cost an employer money, productivity and time. An estimated 8.9 million working days were lost during 2016 due to recorded work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Order pickers are perfect for busy, space-limited operations where small loads are processed. Using a picker offers an adaptable substitute for rolling ladders, traditional pickers or working platforms.


In a warehouse environment, safety and productivity must be the top priority. Warehouses can often be dangerous places – with large machinery, heavy pallets and products stored on racking, so it’s crucial to have the right systems and equipment in place.

At SHS, our expertise lies in providing the very best safety equipment on the market. Our many years of experience and knowledge helps our customers create a safe and productive environment.

If you have any questions about our order pickers or any of our other products, then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01280 825740 for more information.