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Electric Pallet Trucks

  • The Complete Guide to Li-ion Forklifts

    The last ten years have produced an electric revolution in the world of forklift trucks, with more and more of the overall market being taken up by electric motors in a world previously dominated by combustion engines. More than 90% of the under-five ... Read More

  • A comprehensive guide to li-ion electric forklifts

    What are Li-ion forklifts A Li-ion forklift is a forklift that is powered by a Li-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are still considered a relatively new technology and were first introduced in 1991 as an alternative to lead acid batteries. Lith ... Read More

  • Pallet Stackers: What do I need to know?

    When it comes to improving efficiency and safety in your business, your first port of call should always be materials handling. Whether you’re distributing, storing, or moving materials, deploying tools like pallet stackers can act as a powerful ... Read More

  • Electric Pallet Truck Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

    An electric pallet truck is an essential piece of equipment in any warehousing/logistics operation, and keeping it working reliably is of the utmost importance. Pallet trucks are an ongoing investment, and if you continue to provide them with th ... Read More

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