Liftek’s brand new Flexitruk 1500 boasts an impressive range of benefits, many of which make it ideal for use for any operation. However, they’re especially ideal for small businesses that need pallet trucks for streamlining operations but don’t want to fork out on huge vehicles that will cost them the world and take up too much space. In this blog, we’ll run down the factors that make the Flexitruk 1500 the ideal solution for small businesses.

The Flexitruk 1500 is Cost-effective

Because the Flexitruk 1500 is small and compact (with a maximum lift height of 105mm and a fork length of 1150mm) as well as being fully electric, the price tag is very friendly for small businesses who may have limited funds to set aside for essential bits of kit. At a regular retail price of just £949, the FlexiTruk 1500 shouldn’t be a huge hit on company finances.

All the while, it is fully functional with a load capacity of 1500 kg that can help transfer lots of stock and equipment across any building site, factory or warehouse with ease, increasing productivity and operations and, therefore, profit. Plus, because it is fully electric, there are no fuel costs to worry about.

Benefits of a fully electric truck

We have mentioned one benefit of the Flexitruk 1500’s fully electric Lithium-ion battery, which is that fuel costs are slashed. There are far more benefits than just this, though, such as the decreased need for maintenance when there is no petrol or diesel involved. Our cutting-edge technology is more reliable and longstanding, meaning you don’t have to pay for maintenance and you can make use of this pallet truck with limited downtime. The electric lift is smooth and reliable and the controls are easier to navigate than a typical pallet truck.

Electricity is also more sustainable and ensures your company does its bit towards helping the environment with a removable lithium-ion battery that can be safely disposed of and easily and cheaply replaced in no time.

The Flexitruk 1500 is Fully flexible

With the Flexitruk 1500, the control is in your hands. Choose between the single battery option plus a portable storage container or opt for two batteries to meet multiple work settings. The single battery offers approximately 5.5 hours of constant usage and the double battery offers 11 hours, so whatever your workload and budget, the FlexiTruk 1500 can assist. It is a suitable option for both heavy and light duties, whether that’s for indoor or outdoor use, making it incredibly adaptable for any small business operations.

The speed is variable, up to 4.0 km/h with load and 4.5 km/h without, meaning you are in control of the speed at all times and can operate it effectively.


The Flexitruk 1500 has a large advantage over other pallet trucks on the market because it is so compact, making it ideal for use in small spaces, weighing just 120 kg for a smooth drive. Our newly designed handle array and polyurethane steering wheel ensure that controlling the truck is easy to do and is capable of navigating around tight spaces that bulky pallet trucks would simply not be able to. With a turning radius of 1360 mm and forwards and backwards drive, the Flexitruk is perfectly capable of covering big jobs in small spaces in the most efficient manner.

Alongside all of these benefits, its compactness also means that it’s easy to store, even when storage capacity may be limited.

Increased safety

We know how important safety is for small businesses, which is why the FlexiTruk 1500 has been designed with this in mind. Our cutting-edge electromagnetic braking system greatly improves the safety of the truck by reducing brake time significantly. This means that even with use around small sites or with many workers around, the FlexiTruk 1500 can be trusted to perform its duties in the safest manner possible.


Small businesses are often wary of making investments in pallet trucks and other vital equipment because of the financial risk if they were to break down. We can guarantee that the Flexitruk 1500 has been manufactured for longstanding use and has an impressive lifespan. However, to give you peace of mind, we offer a 12-month warranty as standard with all purchases of the Flexitruk 1500 and can guarantee that any faults or repairs will be speedily dealt with. You can also buy an extended warranty from many suppliers.

Whatever the size of your business, the Flexitruk 1500 is the ideal solution for all lifting and transporting needs within a commercial or industrial setting. With such compactness and affordability, it’s accessible and easy to use for all workers. Do not hesitate to get in contact and place your order for the Flexitruk 1500 today to begin reaping these benefits.