Whether they operate in construction, production or manufacturing, enterprises employing Liftek PowerTruk pallet trucks understand their value. Cost and time saving, pallet trucks provide a cost-effective solution for a wide range of operations while increasing efficiency on site. They can quickly transport heavy loads from A to B, increasing productivity levels and reducing the risk of employee injuries. Pallet trucks are also exceptionally easy to learn how to use and operate and simple to service.

An extensive range of pallet trucks is available for firms to select from, making choosing the correct solution sometimes a tricky task. The award-winning options developed by Liftek have a reputation for delivering dependability and versatility. Liftek prides itself on designing built-for-purpose material handling solutions and is constantly adapting its offerings with the latest technology available.

Working closely with its customer base, Liftek provides pallet trucks engineered to answer different operational challenges and site requirements. In the next sections, we’ll take a closer look at two products from Liftek, the PowerTruk and the DriverTruk.

Liftek PowerTruk

The PowerTruk is designed to offer operations a super reliable and easy to maintain pallet truck. It is an ideal option for any working environment and is fully electric, helping firms reduce their running costs and carbon footprint. While historically, eco-friendly options are not renowned for their load capacity, the PowerTruk can cope with a 1500kg load 1800kg load or 2000 kg load depending on the model you select.

An innovative and energy-saving solution

PowerTruk’s design was devised with energy-saving in mind. It was engineered to maximise power usage, delivering increased running time for seamless work shifts and improved productivity. Additionally, it boasts multi-surface stabilisers and in-built anti-vibration technology. The benefits of these features are manifold. They allow the pallet truck to perform well on a wide range of terrains and industrial warehouse environments, extend battery life and extend maintenance intervals. Firms looking for increased manoeuvrability will also find the PowerTruk an exceptional option with stabilisers working in conjunction with the compact, but heavy-duty drive unit. Models like the PowerTruk 1800 also have a tighter turning circle than other pallet trucks like the DriverTruk.

Designed for optimum efficiency

Companies in need of a pallet truck that can stand up to constant use will find the PowerTruk a perfect choice. The truck has a dedicated temperature indicator designed to help it always run at peak efficiency while being used continuously. As a result, operators can ensure the electric battery remains protected and works at maximum operational levels.

Liftek design their material handling solutions with the user in mind and the PowerTruk is no exception. It has an ergonomic steering column and multiple safety features to avoid harm to operators and those working close by. These include an emergency disconnect button and a robust drive wheel cover. Its operator interface is clean and simple, and the tiller head is ergonomically designed for ease of use and increased efficiency during operation.

Easy to maintain

For ease of charge, the PowerTruk has a fully integrated battery charging facility onboard. However, for ease of maintenance, it can be extended when needed. The PowerTruk’s components are easily accessible making maintenance simpler, and it has been designed to be durable offering many years of use.

Liftek DriverTruk

A semi-electric pallet truck, the DriverTruk is designed to carry heavy loads. With a weight capacity of 1800 kg, companies that need to shift considerable tonnage on-site swiftly are advised to select this solution. Manual pallet trucks can put employees under physical strain and slow down productivity, but a semi-electric option like the DriverTruk can offer operators effortless motion reducing risks of injuries.

A less costly model

As it’s semi-electric, it’s understood that the DriverTruk is less expensive both to purchase and to run than the PowerTruk. As a result, companies working to strict budgets will find using DriverTruk pallet trucks onsite a more affordable option. To conserve power and running costs, this semi-electric solution switches off automatically when it’s idle for more than two minutes.

Designed for increased productivity and safety

While less complex than the pallet trucks in the PowerTruk range, the DriverTruk has still boasts intuitive controls and an efficient design. Consequently, operators can complete their delivery drops far quicker and more comfortably. Fully covered, the driver’s wheel is electric powered and offers 180 degrees worth of rotation and perfectly placed controls for ease of use.

The steering column has forward and backward motion controls at the top allowing operators to easily switch direction in an instant. An emergency stop button and manual kill key are in easy reach of the manoeuvring handles, along with a safety warning horn to alert those nearby of activity.

Finally, unlike the PowerTruk, the DriverTruk can not work continuously and must be charged after three hours. Charging is not integrated but a cable and 240-volt charging plug are attached and stored within the pallet truck when not being used.

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