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The many benefits of the EPL-154 electric pallet truck

The EPL-154 is an electric pallet truck with many benefits to offer a broad range of businesses. Electric pallet trucks are revolutionising logistics by allowing the safer and more convenient transport of larger and heavier loads. If you're thinking of investing in your business's logistics infrastructure, an investment in an EPL-154 electric pallet truck is one that could offer you considerable returns.

What is an electric pallet truck?

An electric pallet truck is one that uses a battery and electric motors to provide additional power. With a manual pallet truck, the operator has to pull it themselves, and when they want to lift with it they need to manually pump in order to work the hydraulic system. An electric pallet truck takes the strain and manual labour out of the process. Electric motors powered by an onboard battery assist with the movement of the truck, which is especially helpful when under load, and at the touch of a button the motor can then raise and lower the pallet as required.

What are the benefits of an electric pallet truck?

The benefits are considerable when you choose an electric pallet truck over a traditional manual hydraulic one. The first is that it considerably reduces the risk of operator fatigue. Fatigue is a serious issue, as it can cause accidents and damage to become far more likely. With an electric pallet truck, the fatigue is considerably reduced, which also means the likelihood of accidents is reduced along with it.

It's also much safer in the sense that you can mitigate a large number of personal injury risks. There are many instances where operators end up straining themselves when trying to manoeuvre a manual pallet truck that has a heavy load on it. An electric pallet truck means this won't be an issue, and so you will not have to deal with so many employee days off through injury, nor the risk of potential compensation claims.

Another clear benefit is the improvement in efficiency that an electric pallet truck can offer. Electric pallet trucks are able to handle heavier loads with ease, which makes the loading, unloading, and manoeuvring process much faster. Ultimately this is going to allow your facility to process a larger amount of goods in a shorter space of time, maintaining employee efficiency too with the aforementioned lack of fatigue.

What are the EP-154's features?

The EP-154 has a host of features to make it a convenient and reliable investment for any business owner, which have come as the result of over ten years of development in the previous range of EP electric pallet trucks. Here are three key features you need to know:

The compact size

The whole range of EPL trucks, including the EP-154, feature a total length of only 400mm to the face of the forks. This makes them useful in a broad range of general commercial and logistic applications, as well as ensuring they're convenient to keep safely stored.

Flexibility and stability

The EP-154 is capable of moving at a higher speed, and the improved strength of the motors means that it can even handle up to ten-degree slopes with ease. Stabilising wheels also complete the feature set, making the EPL range more stable, especially while under heavy load.

Convenient charging

The EP-154 comes with two convenient charging options. You can either charge them by plugging them straight into a power point, or you can invest in a dedicated charging station which will allow you to charge multiple batteries at once, to keep your fleet mobile.

The benefit of the lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries are used to power the EP-154, with a 30ah 24 volt battery contained in the compact battery box. This offers efficient power to the 0.75kW motor, providing all the power you need for effortlessly assisted day-to-day logistics management. Lithium-ion technology is moving at pace, which means the batteries are getting more efficient, more powerful, and offering fantastic recharge times.

In the case of the EP-154, it can be charged in as little as three hours, with a 1500kg weight capacity.

What kind of businesses can benefit from this?

Any kind of business that uses a manual pallet truck can benefit from an electric one. That includes all manner of warehouses, distribution centres, factories, order processing facilities, and many more. If a business has the need to distribute, load, and unload heavy goods, an electric pallet truck can be an invaluable addition. They are suitable for all manner of industrial requirements, without sacrificing reliability.

The 24 hour operating cycle

With minimal extra investment, the EP-154 electric pallet truck can be deployed in a 24/7 commercial environment. The additional charging station offers the ability to charge multiple batteries at once. The batteries are modular and can be easily removed and placed in the charging dock in moments. That means that there can always be freshly charged batteries available to keep the EP-154 working reliably. All an operator needs to do is remove the discharged battery and put it on charge, taking a freshly-charged battery and putting it back into the battery compartment.

This means a business can get all of the benefits electric pallet trucks can offer, with no clear drawbacks.

Is the investment worth it?

With more technology involved, electric pallet trucks are naturally a little more expensive than their manual hydraulic counterparts. A business owner has to weigh up the pros and cons when deciding which to invest in. For a little more investment, however, an electric pallet truck such as the EP-154 has so many benefits to offer, both in terms of employee comfort and overall improvements in logistical efficiency.

That makes it a wise investment, and as lithium-ion battery technology continues to improve, those benefits are only going to get more pronounced. With no appreciable extra training required to operate an electric pallet truck, they offer seamless integration into any existing logistical setup. If convenience, reliability, and versatility are required, an EP-154 electric pallet truck will not disappoint.

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