Weighing Pallet Truck

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Weighing Pallet Truck
£949.00 + VAT

Product code:HPTTWS20

Fork Size - 540 x 1150mm

Scale Pallet Truck.

Fork Size - 540 x 1150mm.

Capacity - 2000kg.

Net Weight - 130kg.  

Mobile pallet truck/scale allows you to weigh cargo where you want and when you want. Reduces number of operators and saves time for maximum efficiency. Large LCD display shows all measurement results in clearly readable numbers, even in dim lighting. The display can be read from different angles around the scale. Either internal or external power supply can be used. Available in pounds or kilograms. Product Code - HPTTWS20

Weight Accuracy 500g.  Max Accuracy 200g

Weighs in 1kg increments.

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