Liftek EP PowerTruk 1500

£1,699.00 excl. VAT£2,038.80 inc. VAT

Highly Reliable, Heavy Duty, 1500 kg Capacity


1500kg Capacity, Super Reliable, Easy Maintenance Electric Pallet Truck


Highly Reliable, Heavy Duty, 1500 kg Capacity

The Liftek EP Equipment PowerTruk 1500 Key Features

  • Fully integrated charging unit for easy charging high charge efficiency
  • High charge efficiency
  • Patent designed external control system protects controller
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Digital trouble-shooting recovery system
  • Emergency disconnect button guarantees safety
  • Ergonomically designed tiller head increases efficiency
  • Innovative detachable battery cover
  • Strong cover for drive wheel ensures operator safety

Premium Features

  • Cover for drive wheel
  • Full system monitoring
  • Detachable battery cover
  • Optimised handle layout


Fork Dimensions – 540mm x 1150mm. Other fork sizes available.

Product code: HGEPT20-15ET2


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