Liftek PowerStack 1600 Ride-On Non-Straddle Stacker


The PowerStack 1600 is a classic electric stacker with a 1.6-tonne capacity, providing a safe, stable, reliable, budget-friendly alternative to a forklift truck.

A variety of fork dimensions and lift heights are available.

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The PowerStack 1600 is ideal for small to medium warehouses that might have narrow aisles and suitable for high racking applications

A high strength chassis with a lifting capacity of 1.6 tonnes with a side positioned drive system to make managing stability easy. This reliable stacker can operate as pedestrian or ride-on stacker. Capable of speeds of up to 5.5KM/H when safety arms open the PowerStack 1600 provides a budget friendly alternative to a Forklift truck.

A variety of dimensions and lift heights are available.


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