Liftek EP Tow Tug Electric Pedestrian


Suitable for: Wire Container Maneuvering and Platform Deliveries.
Designed for: Retailers / Medical / Airports / Deliveries

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The Liftek EP Equipment Electric Tow Tug is easy to operate, highly flexible, light weight and robust. A simple and small tool designed to tow trolleys around your warehouse, production or logistics center. It can tow up to one ton and can be equipped with different towing equipment to suit your individual trolley system.


Weighing only 98KG the Tow Tug has very strong traction and can move 1000KG of goods on a slope gradient of three degrees. Its 250mm pneumatic tyres give this truck excellent handling and stability and with an adjustable tiller hight this is a dream to operate. Internal charge unit included. Its compact design is suited for narrow aisles in warehouses or similar environments. It doesn’t matter if you are using the Tow Tug on flat ground in the warehouse, or on uneven floors or outdoors, the Tow Tug will safely bring your trolleys to their destination.



The Tow Tug has many great features that will help you improve your daily operations.

  • 24V DC drive motor and controller
  • Integrated charger allows for charging anywhere, anytime
  • 50Ah battery allows for all day use
  • Emergency Power Disconnect
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Key Switch for Power On



  • Dimensions:
    1255mm x 1315mm x 1345mm
  • Rated Capacity:
  • Type of Operation:
  • Battery Capacity:
  • Tyres:
    Rubber, pneumatic
  • Brakes:


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