Magliner 'Barrel' Truck, high specification

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Magliner 'Barrel' Truck, high specification
£250.58 + VAT

Product code:MHG2801-30-1010-C5-WG-KH-SC

Puncture Proof Wheel, Wheel Guards, Step Sliders

MHG2801-30-1010-C5-WG-KH-SC - Magliner 'Barrel' Truck, very high quality specification. Top Loop Handle making more stacking area for items. This includes upgrades of: Micro Cellular Foam Puncture Proof Tyres which still has the same 'bounce' as Pneumatic Tyres but is completely Care-Free, never goes flat! Step Sliders, a tough polymer strip designed to glide along edges of steps/curbs making an idea solution to any step or curb negotiating whilst on deliveries. Wheel Guards, enables you to stack additional cases/boxes at the edge. A further frame cross-member as straight at the top giving added strength & stability, but most importantly it enables items to be stacked easily against the frame especially above Kegs. Height - 1300mm. Call our sales team for full advice on your requirements.

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