Pallet Turntable Handling

Pallet turntables are designed to allow pallet truck operators to rotate loads with ease. Using these high performing tools means truck operators do not have to always manoeuver around a large load, which can lead to injuries when stretching and reaching. Our pallet turntables can be easily moved around, whether you work in a factory, warehouse or another setting.
Used for loading and unloading, they can also be moved with a hand pallet truck thanks to their low-profile design.

SHS Handling Solutions supplies quality pallet turntable materials. We stock Pal-Disc handling materials, including the Pal-Disc and Pal-Ring. The Pal-Disc allows workers to move pallets by hand.
It is capable of turning pallets weighting up to 2,000 kilograms without any mechanical means. We also supply the PalletPal turntable, an ideal solution for lifting and turning pallets. Featuring a tubular steel build, it is designed with a shock absorber to minimise pallet movement and convenient fork pockets.

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