Tote & Home Delivery Trucks

Magliner is a leading maker in hand trucks, including tote and home delivery trucks. These robust and durable trucks are designed for easy handling, with a versatile design that accommodates the transport of all types of items. Tote trucks are ideal for transporting tools and other equipment. Featuring convenient straps and designed for most items, home delivery trucks are essential for couriers and businesses shipping goods to their customers.

Here at SHS Handling, we stock Magliner tote and home delivery trucks in various configurations to suit your needs. We can help you identify the right type of truck for your needs. Available options include puncture proof tyres, convenient step sliders for easier handling, wheel guards to add capacity, and functional folding noses for better storing in your vehicle or property. Tyres are backed by a lifetime guarantee, while other components are designed to last with tested materials including tough polymer strips on step sliders.

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