Water Bottle Trolleys

Here at SHS, we stock a range of water bottle trolleys in various configurations for individual requirements, whether you need a trolley for your office or warehouse or for making deliveries. Each trolley features strong water trays for easy and reliable handling. Our lightweight trolleys are built to last and are manufactured from leading hand truck markers, including Magliner.
You can be sure that you are getting quality trolleys with lifetime guarantees on tyres and functional designs.

If you need to transport a small quantity of water bottles or need a durable trolley for large deliveries, we have a water bottle trolley that meets your needs.
Our specially designed trolleys are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the transport up to seven water bottles for easy deliveries. Convenient upgrades include puncture proof tyres as well as step sliders to better negotiate steps or curbs. Other options include wheel guards that allow you to stack additional boxes or cases.

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