Special Offers

Here at SHS Handling, we believe that offering competitive pricing to our customers is extremely important in both providing a fantastic level of service, but also in ensuring your business gets the equipment it needs while working within strict budgets.
The specials section contains various products that may not be present in other categories. It also has a selection of products from the other areas of our website that have a good deal on them, and a selection of our top sellers.

If you like the look of anything in the specials section, give one of our team a call free on 0800 619 0800, and we’ll happily advise on which products will best suit your needs.

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  • Newspaper Trolley

    Newspaper Trolley

    £59.95 excl. VAT£71.94 inc. VAT
  • Balance Board Trolley

    Balance Board Trolley

    £239.00 excl. VAT£286.80 inc. VAT
  • Plate Skates-0

    Plate Skates

    £93.28 excl. VAT£111.94 inc. VAT
  • Board Trolley with adjustable support bar-0

    Board Trolley with adjustable support bar

    £207.59 excl. VAT£249.11 inc. VAT
  • Heavy Duty Board DIY Trolley-0

    Heavy Duty Board DIY Trolley

    £389.00 excl. VAT£466.80 inc. VAT
  • Twin Wheeled Board Dolly-0

    Twin Wheeled Board Dolly

    £71.83 excl. VAT£86.20 inc. VAT
  • Addgard Minder Barrier Sign-0

    Addgard Minder Barrier Sign

    £80.00 excl. VAT£96.00 inc. VAT
  • Addgard Universal Column Protector-0

    Addgard Universal Column Protector

    £331.57 excl. VAT£397.88 inc. VAT
  • Addgards Column Protectors - Slimline-0

    Addgards Column Protectors – Slimline

    £216.00£229.00 excl. VAT£259.20 inc. VAT
  • Addgards Column Protectors-0

    Addgards Column Protectors

    £269.91£275.88 excl. VAT£323.89 inc. VAT
  • Metal Edging Heavy Duty Shovel-0

    Metal Edging Heavy Duty Shovel

    £13.67 excl. VAT£16.40 inc. VAT
  • Wheel - BuxTrux 250mm Puncture Proof c/w Roller Bearing-0

    Wheel – BuxTrux 250mm Puncture Proof c/w Roller Bearing

    £15.00 excl. VAT£18.00 inc. VAT