Multi Purpose Ladders

SHS Handling Solutions supplies a range of multi-purpose ladders. These ladders can be easily adjusted into multiple configurations and are adaptable for almost any job. Whether you need to access materials in hard-to-reach areas or need to do specialist work at higher elevations, we are confident you will find the ladder you need.
Our multi-purpose ladders are designed with safety in mind and comply with all workplace health and safety standards. They are also made from durable materials that offer maximum sturdiness. 

We have a ladder you need for the job you do. Our extensive collection of multi-functional ladder and platform systems are designed with function and easy-of-use in mind.
Options include stairway stepladders, ladder extensions, twin stepladders, three-way multifunctional ladders, telescopic ladder systems, single and double sided steps, and more. We have industrial strength aluminium and fibre glass options available, as well as ladders with reliable safety features such as threads and grip control.

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