Specialist Ladders

Certain tasks require specialist ladders to get the job done safely and effectively. SHS Handling Solutions supplies a range of ladders designed with the needs of specific occupations and tasks in mind. From fruit picking tripods to ladders for surveyors and roofers to telecommunications ladders with added height, our ladders are designed with function in mind.
All of our ladders are safety-tested and made from durable, reliable materials including glass fibre and aluminium. 

Our specialist ladders are available in a variety of configurations with a range of safety features, including tread and grip for added safety. We also supply a selection of versatile and durable working platforms, extension ladders, three-way multi-functional ladders, telescopic ladder systems, combination ladders and podium steps.
Whether you need a ladder for a shop or a heavy-duty solution in an industrial setting, you can be sure that we will have a ladder with the height and functionality you need.

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