Conveyors make transporting materials easy and with greater efficiency in a warehouse, factory or distribution centre. SHS Handling Solutions supplies a full range of high performance conveyors for any type of industry or workplace setting. 

Whether you need a conveyor for distributing and sorting packages or for an assembly line in a factory, we have solutions that suite your needs.
Our conveyors are available in different sizes and configurations to meet your requirements. In addition to transporting materials between work areas, conveyors are also convenient options for moving loads to or from a vehicle. 

We supply conveyor solutions that transport materials of various dimensions, from small and lightweight items to large and heavyweight goods.
Our range includes skatewheel conveyors that are lightweight, non-powered and economical alternatives to gravity roller conveyors. A gravity roller conveyor is also a non-powered method of moving items, although they general operate on an incline or with someone pushing loads along a flat conveyor.

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