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Electric Pallet Trucks Leeds

If you’re looking to make the process of moving pallets around a busy warehouse that much simpler, easier, and more efficient, then you need to consider one of the electric pallet trucks available from SHS Handling.

Designed with you in mind

We offer a range of electric pallet trucks Leeds warehouses have come to rely on. This is because we’ve taken the time to integrate a range of genuinely useful features that ensure practicality and user-friendliness are guaranteed, no matter what your budget is. For example, our electric pallet trucks are virtually the same size as regular manual pallet trucks. This means no extra space consideration is necessary. Not only are they essentially the same size, but they’re also comparable in weight – this makes them easy and comfortable to manoeuvre. Our electric pallet trucks are designed to be reliable and usable, even on a 24-hour basis. We do this by installing our electric pallet trucks with interchangeable 20 amp-hour lithium ion batteries. The charging element of our electric pallet trucks is wall-mountable, allowing one battery to charge while another is in use. Battery charging times are of course a key consideration – and you’ll find complete peace of mind with the entire SHS Handling electric pallet truck range. A mere thirty-minute charge is enough to fill the battery to half capacity, and in just two and a half hours the battery will be fully charged.

User friendly for all skill levels

SHS Handling electric pallet trucks feature intuitive controls, making them simple to operate for novices and professionals alike. A clear digital display shows the remaining battery life, while the tactile throttle allows for fine control of speed. They operate quietly and can be easily manoeuvred, even in tight warehouses, making SHS Handling electric pallet trucks perfectly optimised for all logistics applications. Our comfortable, ergonomically designed handles minimise hand fatigue, even over longer shifts.

Choosing the professionals

If you want to make sure you’re getting the benefit of years worth of industry experience, you should always choose SHS Handling to provide your electric pallet trucks. We supply electric pallet trucks Leeds businesses depend on day in and day out. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re curious about what would best suit your needs, simply get in contact with our experienced and friendly team today. Our electric pallet trucks are the next step in your path to more efficient logistics.