We have an impressive selection of container trolleys to choose from here at SHS Handling Solutions, and we are confident of having the perfect option for almost any type of task. These trolleys are designed to suit different types of container such as barrels, tray racks, security boxes, folding boxes, canvas sacks and parcels. We also offer specialised options such as cage trolleys, order picking trucks, the self-levelling trolley and tilt trucks.
It is usually best to use a trolley that has been designed for your specific purpose because trying to make do with something unsuitable can lead to damage of contents and possibly even injury to you or your employees. If you have unique needs, and you are unsure about which trolley would best suit the job, just call us on 0800 619 0800 and we’ll be happy to run through your options. All of our container trolleys are made from high quality materials, and they are suitable for heavy use.

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