Powered Sack Trucks

Powered sack trucks are efficient and easy-to-use equipment designed to reduce strain on operators. SHS Handling Solutions supplies left- and right-handed powered trucks, as well as models with forward and reverse drive. Made from the best raw materials to ensure reliability and durability, our powered sack trucks are rated for use both indoors and outdoors. They also feature high quality puncture-proof tyres that handle most workplace settings and uses.
Our selection of quality powered sack trucks includes heavy duty models, as well as specialised models for oil drums and bins. A leader is supplying quality materials handling and workplace products, SHS Handling Solutions works to meet all of our customers’ requirements. Choose from our range of powered sack trucks from our online shop and benefit from great prices and quick deliver directly to your door throughout the UK.

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  • Heavy Duty Powered Bin Mover-0

    Heavy Duty Powered Bin Mover

  • Powered Heavy Duty Sack Truck-0

    Powered Heavy Duty Sack Truck

  • Powered Oil Drum Mover-0

    Powered Oil Drum Mover

  • Powered Wheelie Bin Movers-0

    Powered Wheelie Bin Movers

  • Heavy Duty Powered Sack Truck-0

    Heavy Duty Powered Sack Truck