Gloves, Aprons & More...

SHS Handling Solutions supplies a variety of quality brewery gloves, aprons and more. Whether you are handling kegs or transporting casks with a truck, you need the right protective clothing and accessories to keep you safe. 

From knitted vinyl gloves to latex gloves, our affordable and high performing gloves are made to provide excellent grip to help you do your job.
They are also designed with flexible materials for maximum comfort and excellent range of motion. Our durable and resilient cotton and leather aprons are also made from high quality material. They are also adjustable and feature convenient and easy-to-reach pockets.

The more you buy with SHS Handling Solutions, the more you save.
We offer competitive discounts for bulk orders on our brewery gloves and aprons. We are a leader in providing workplace handling solutions, whether you work in a warehouse, a pub or restaurant, or any other setting.

Gloves, Aprons & More...
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