Heavy Duty

These high quality heavy duty platform trolleys are designed for a variety of sectors, including manufacturing and industrial settings. Our range of platforms include tough and versatile service trolleys that we well-suited for hotels, schools and garden centres, as well as bulk delivery trucks for commercial operations.
We supply heavy duty platforms in a variety of configurations and materials that are capable of handling virtually any type of heavy duty load. Each platform trolley is designed to transport materials effortlessly with easy steering and manoeuvrability. Our selection of platform trolleys include long material trucks for oversized items weighing up to 2,000kg, three and five-way convertible platforms, and long board trolleys designed for long panels.

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  • Low Load Folding Trucks-0

    Low Load Folding Trucks

  • Low Load Tubular Folding Trucks-0

    Low Load Tubular Folding Trucks

  • Low Load Tubular Trucks-0

    Low Load Tubular Trucks

  • Powered Trolleys-0

    Powered Trolleys

  • Heavy Duty Push Cart-0

    Heavy Duty Push Cart

    £274.54 excl. VAT£329.45 inc. VAT
  • Reinforced Tubular Platform Trolleys-0

    Reinforced Tubular Platform Trolleys

    £262.88 excl. VAT£315.46 inc. VAT
  • Large Heavy Duty Platform Trolley-0

    Large Heavy Duty Platform Trolley

    £405.82 excl. VAT£486.98 inc. VAT
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Platform Trolley-0

    Heavy Duty Tubular Platform Trolley

    £312.70 excl. VAT£375.24 inc. VAT
  • Steel Folding Trolleys-0

    Steel Folding Trolleys

    £187.00£393.00 excl. VAT£224.40 inc. VAT
  • Electrostatic Discharge Trolley-0

    Electrostatic Discharge Trolley

    £454.00£1,038.00 excl. VAT£544.80 inc. VAT
  • Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys-0

    Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys

    £239.00£376.00 excl. VAT
  • Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys with Tube End-0

    Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys with Tube End

    £232.00£254.00 excl. VAT