We’re proud to offer a wide selection of Veltruk sack truck products here at SHS. Veltruk is a leading manufacturer of aluminium hand trucks suitable for use in any work environment. Our selection of durable and lightweight trucks by Veltruk is designed for efficient transportation; whether you are a food distributor, a warehouse operator or delivering goods to homes and businesses, we have a standard sack trucks or a convertible sack truck that meets your needs, whether that’s for general use, keg, cylinder and drum transportation or moving items up and down the stairs.
We supply a range affordable Veltruk Sack Trucks in a variety of configurations; all Veltruk trucks are designed for optimal performance. The PerformaTruk is designed with step sliders and an additional frame bar, while the FoldaTruck features angled and platform positions for more function. The Glider Truck makes transporting easy and is perfect for white goods and appliances. Veltruk sack trucks are designed with aluminium components and for use in freezers, making them ideal for use in all types of industries and environments.
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