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Reach new heights in your material handling efficiency with SHS Handling’s premium range of High Lift Pallet Trucks. Crafted for reliability and versatility, our high lift pallet trucks are engineered to excel. Boasting robust steel frames and cutting-edge features, these heavy-duty trucks are equipped with intuitive controls, ensuring seamless steering and handling across diverse applications.
From warehouses, factories, or distribution centres, our high lift pallet trucks redefine the transportation of bulky and weighty pallets. Designed with precision, they offer a practical solution for vertical lifting and transport.
Choose from a range of sizes to suit your specific needs, with fork configurations tailored for various pallet sizes, and electric or manual pallet trucks options available. User-friendly controls are at your fingertips, providing an effortless and responsive experience. The tapered fork tips facilitate smooth entry, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Capable of lifting loads of up to 1500 kg, our high lift pallet trucks are equipped with durable wheels and rollers, ensuring stability and performance in any industrial environment.
SHS Handling’s High Lift Pallet Trucks are a reliable, efficient, and powerful solution that elevates your material handling capabilities.
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