SHS Handling Solutions have a great selection of heavy and light duty platform trolleys to suit a variety of applications. Ideal for use in a retail or warehouse environment, our product range includes everything from folding trolleys to trolley trucks, so whatever you are looking for, we feel confident that you will find it in our online store – and always at a price that you can afford.
Available in various sizes to suit different requirements, our platform trolleys are designed to be tough, durable and most importantly reliable. Popular with customers from across a range of industries, our platform trolleys could be just the piece of equipment that you need to make carrying heavy loads much easier at your premises.
Browse our product range now to see for yourself what we can deliver, and place an order today to take advantage of our competitive prices and quick deliveries. Our friendly team are always on hand to help with your enquiry, so remember that you can always contact us via our enquiry form if you would like more details about our products.

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  • Low Load Folding Trucks-0

    Low Load Folding Trucks

  • Low Load Tubular Folding Trucks-0

    Low Load Tubular Folding Trucks

  • Low Load Tubular Trucks-0

    Low Load Tubular Trucks

  • Powered Trolleys-0

    Powered Trolleys

  • Heavy Duty Push Cart-0

    Heavy Duty Push Cart

    £274.54 excl. VAT£329.45 inc. VAT
  • Reinforced Tubular Platform Trolleys-0

    Reinforced Tubular Platform Trolleys

    £262.88 excl. VAT£315.46 inc. VAT
  • Large Heavy Duty Platform Trolley-0

    Large Heavy Duty Platform Trolley

    £405.82 excl. VAT£486.98 inc. VAT
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Platform Trolley-0

    Heavy Duty Tubular Platform Trolley

    £312.70 excl. VAT£375.24 inc. VAT
  • Steel Folding Trolleys-0

    Steel Folding Trolleys

    £187.00£393.00 excl. VAT£224.40 inc. VAT
  • Electrostatic Discharge Trolley-0

    Electrostatic Discharge Trolley

    £454.00£1,038.00 excl. VAT£544.80 inc. VAT
  • Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys-0

    Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys

    £239.00£376.00 excl. VAT
  • Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys with Tube End-0

    Zinc Plated Platform Trolleys with Tube End

    £232.00£254.00 excl. VAT