Dray / Cellar Pads & Covers

Here at SHS, we stock a wide selection of durable cellar pads and covers to protect your casks and your site, including BuxPad dray pads. Highly resistant covers and pads are designed for use when transporting or moving kegs and barrels, as well as minimise damage to your property.

Our cellar pads are designed for use with casks of various sizes and weights.
From dray pads to drop bags with a wide range of configurations, each pad is made from high quality rubber matting and resilient foam. Each pad is designed to stop the fall of a barrel, keg or other container that has been dropped into a cellar.

We also supply a selection of affordable covers for trucks and carts used to transport casks. Each cover is designed with a foam pad, delivering a reinforced cover for excellent performance and air release. Covers also feature ropes and Velcro strips to ensure secure fastening.

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