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  • Electric pallet trucks for tail lifts: How to use them safely and efficiently

    Safety has to be a priority at work and no-one should enter their work environment feeling nervous about hazards or inefficient equipment. For loading truck drivers and factory workers, manual handling can be dangerous, especially when you don't ha ... Read More

  • How to choose the perfect sack truck

    A sack truck is an invaluable asset for all sorts of businesses. If your business has anything to do with either warehousing, logistics, or managing stock - a sack truck should be on your list of things to purchase sooner rather than later. As with ... Read More

  • Electric Pallet Truck Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

    A pallet truck is an essential piece of equipment in any warehousing/logistics operation, and keeping it working reliably is of the utmost importance. Pallet trucks are an ongoing investment, and if you continue to provide them with the right lev ... Read More

  • Crown Wave vs JX1

    Since entering the material handling industry in the 1960s, Crown has forged a reputation as the market-leading innovator of top of the range forklifts and material handling equipment. In this blog, we’ll explore how the Crown Wave order picke ... Read More

  • 7 Essential Warehouse KPIs You Need to Track This Christmas & Beyond

    Managing a warehouse is a challenging responsibility at any time of the year, but during the run-up to the festive period, such an assign

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  • How to Keep Your Warehouse Safe & Productive

    As a warehouse manager, what is the most critical factor for you, safety or productivity? Well, the obvious answer is both, isn’t it? However, some warehouse managers often mistake the two as mutually exclusive and forgo even the most basic ... Read More

  • Preparing Your Supply Chain For The Festive Period

    To those of you who aren’t initiates in the world of the supply chain, you’re probably thinking: Christmas is (at the time of writing) 109 days away, why panic? But professionals in the logistics arena know all too well that this time of yea ... Read More

  • How To Calculate LTIFR

    Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) is a valuable tool used by many companies to effectively measure how safe their workplace is or to see the efficiency of newly implemented safety schemes. Lost time injuries are injuries which have occurred in ... Read More

  • New and Emerging Risks for Workplaces

    In late 2014, the EU-Occupational Safety and Health Agency bought out some statistics based on a survey they conducted using data collected from workplaces in 36 European countries. The survey focuses on health and safety in establishments when it comes to new and emerging risks, including physical and psychosocial risks – an area that is often omitted from surveys. Continue reading

  • Pallet Truck Safety Tips – Loading and Unloading

    It is important when using pallet trucks that you keep everyone safe through out the operation which is why at SHS Handling we have come up with these simple to follow tips and advice.

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