In the fast-paced world of international logistics, operational efficiency and safety are of great importance. With the increasing demand for white goods delivery, logistics firms face the challenge of ensuring timely delivery while safeguarding their workforce and reducing the risk of any potential injuries. Yusen International Logistics, a well-known corporation within the industry, recognised these challenges and needed a solution to enhance their everyday performance. In collaboration with SHS, a leading provider of handling solutions, Yusen embarked on a journey to integrate electric stair-climbers into their operations, aiming to streamline their delivery processes while prioritising staff and customer safety.

Yusen International Logistics’ Objective

The primary objective for Yusen was clear, they needed to mitigate driver injuries and minimise associated claims. With the increasing risk of injuries during white goods deliveries, Yusen recognised the urgency of implementing measures to safeguard their workforce while maintaining efficiency and timely deliveries. By integrating electric stair-climbers into their operations, Yusen aimed to significantly reduce the potential for injuries and create a safer working environment for their employees.

Challenge: Navigating Stairs During White Goods Deliveries

Navigating stairs during white goods deliveries posed significant challenges for Yusen’s drivers. The risk of injuries, coupled with the potential for delays in delivery schedules, highlighted the need for a practical solution. Addressing these challenges head-on became imperative for Yusen to uphold its reputation for reliability and efficiency in the logistics sector. Additionally, the increasing volume of deliveries was grounds for them to find a new solution that could be rolled out effectively without compromising drivers safety or productivity.

Assessment of Safety and Efficiency Challenges

When the Yusen first reached out, the SHS team carried out extensive research to explore available solutions for addressing their safety and efficiency concerns. We evaluated various handling solutions, ranging from manual to motorised options, to determine their suitability for Yusen’s unique requirements.

Research and Solution Exploration

When the Yusen first reached out, the SHS team carried out extensive research to explore available solutions for addressing their safety and efficiency concerns. We evaluated various handling solutions, ranging from manual to motorised options, to determine their suitability for Yusen’s unique requirements.

Customisation and Adaptation

With Yusen’s guidance, we customised the selected handling solution to align with their specific operational needs and existing infrastructure. Ensuring seamless integration of electric stair-climbers into their delivery processes, improving efficiency and safety. Prototypes based on the specifications were developed and subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation. Yusen conducted thorough assessments of the electric stair climbers performance, reliability, and suitability for their operations, ensuring that the chosen solution met their requirements

Implementing an Efficient Electric Stair-Climber System

The implementation of electric stair-climbers within Yusen’s operations marked a significant milestone in their quest for enhanced operations. With the support and expertise of SHS, the integration process was seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to Yusen’s day-to-day deliveries. Comprehensive training programs were carried out in house to familiarise Yusen’s workforce with the new equipment, empowering them to utilise the electric stair-climbers effectively. Additionally, proactive measures were taken to address any potential challenges or concerns that emerged during the implementation phase, ensuring a smooth transition to the new stair climber system.

Results and Impact

The results following the integration of electric stair-climbers were nothing short of remarkable. Yusen witnessed a notable improvement in safety, with a significant reduction in driver injuries attributed to the use of the new equipment. The streamlined delivery processes facilitated by the electric stair-climbers resulted in enhanced efficiency, enabling Yusen to meet delivery deadlines with more precision and reliability. The reduction in injuries not only reduced the physical and financial burden on Yusen and its employees but also fostered a culture of safety and accountability within the organisation, making workers feel cared for and listened to.


The bespoke material handling solution provided by SHS Handling Solutions was a resounding success for Yusen International Logistics’ operations. By prioritising safety and efficiency, Yusen has not only protected its workforce but also reinforced its position as a leader in the industry. The collaboration with SHS solidifies the importance of strategic partnerships in driving positive change and delivering tangible results. Moving forward, Yusen remains committed to leveraging the technology and innovation provided by SHS to optimise its operations and deliver value to its customers.

As the logistics landscape continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements such as electric stair-climbers will be instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable growth. Yusen’s journey proves the potential for industry-wide transformation through strategic investments in operational enhancing solutions.

In summary, the integration of electric stair-climbers at Yusen International Logistics represents a shift in the approach to white goods delivery. By prioritising safety, efficiency, and innovation, SHS has helped Yusen set a new standard for excellence in the logistics sector, demonstrating the potential for sustainable growth and success in an ever-changing marketplace.

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