Spill Control

Maintaining the highest standards of health and safety is essential in any working environment, and our spill kits are designed to help keep your site clean and safe at all times. From spill kits to contain any stray liquids, to drain covers and absorbents, our range of spill control products includes something for every requirement.
Handling products might be our speciality at SHS Handling Solutions, but we also pride ourselves on supplying a range of other products such as absorbent granules which are designed to make your working environment safer to use as well as more productive. With competitive prices available across our product range, you will always receive great value for money when shopping with us, whilst our online shop is designed to enable you to find what you are looking for and place your order in just a few quick and simple steps. Get in touch today if you can’t see the spill kits you are looking for online, and we may be able to source a specific product for you.

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  • Classic' Chemical Pillows-0

    Classic’ Chemical Pillows

    £85.49 excl. VAT£102.59 inc. VAT
  • Classic' Oil-Only Pillows-0

    Classic’ Oil-Only Pillows

    £65.67 excl. VAT£78.80 inc. VAT
  • Classic' 3000 Maintenance Roll 'n' Box-0

    Classic’ 3000 Maintenance Roll ‘n’ Box

    £59.23 excl. VAT£71.08 inc. VAT
  • Classic' Maintenance Pillows-0

    Classic’ Maintenance Pillows

    £77.74 excl. VAT£93.29 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Chemical Roll-0

    Black & White’ Chemical Roll

    £48.72£113.71 excl. VAT£58.46 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Chemical Pads-0

    Black & White’ Chemical Pads

    £60.70 excl. VAT£72.84 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Chemical Socks-0

    Black & White’ Chemical Socks

    £62.17 excl. VAT£74.60 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Oil-Only Roll-0

    Black & White’ Oil-Only Roll

    £49.98£98.81 excl. VAT£59.98 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Oil-Only Pads-0

    Black & White’ Oil-Only Pads

    £64.64 excl. VAT£77.57 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Oil-Only Socks-0

    Black & White’ Oil-Only Socks

    £63.43 excl. VAT£76.12 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Maintenance Socks-0

    Black & White’ Maintenance Socks

    £76.47 excl. VAT£91.76 inc. VAT
  • Black & White' Maintenance Pads-0

    Black & White’ Maintenance Pads

    £68.56 excl. VAT£82.27 inc. VAT