Say goodbye to manual strains and hello to enhanced safety and efficiency. Traditional roll cage handling methods are not only labour-intensive but also prone to accidents and damages.

Introducing CAGEMOVER™, a LIFTEK® innovation designed to streamline cage movement effortlessly.

Safety Features of the CAGEMOVER™

With the CAGEMOVER™ you will elevate safety standards, minimise cage damage and reduce workplace injuries.  Best of all its operator friendly with no licence required, ensuring hassle-free implementation.


How the CAGEMOVER™ Works

By securely seating and lifting the cage from the ground, the CAGEMOVER™ eliminates the physical strain on operators.  Additionally, it eases the directional steering including on uneven terrain, making this ideal in situations such as retail and supermarket deliveries as well as internal goods movement.


The CAGEMOVER will help you:

  • Prevent workplace injuries, such as strains and sprains, reducing downtime.
  • Support Health & Safety protocols.
  • Empower employees to effortlessly move heavy loads, boosting operational efficiency.
  • Reduce damage to cages and goods.
  • And much more



Watch the CAGEMOVER™ in action:

Find Out More

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke needs and to schedule a demo.  Witness how CAGEMOVER™ can transform your operations safely and efficiently with our bespoke LIFTEK® CAGEMOVER™ solutions.