Barrel Trucks

Transporting barrels or kegs safely and effectively is important. Barrel/keg trucks are designed especially for moving casks. We have a large barrel/key truck selection to meet the needs of pub and restaurant owners, as well as warehouse and cellar operators. A barrel keg truck is essential for any pub, restaurant, warehouse or business where you will be moving large kegs or barrels; SHS Handling stock high quality trucks and trolleys so you can move casks with ease.

Our barrel and kegs trucks and trolleys are built using high quality materials. Our selection of trucks and trolleys include options with convenient and advanced features, including puncture proof tyres and hooks to secure barrels and kegs. Our barrel/key trucks are available in a variety of configurations to meet any transportation requirement, as well as casks of varying sizes and weights. We also supply durable keg skates that are designed especially for tighter spaces.

Barrel Trucks
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