Meet The Team

Yarl Dunn

Managing Director

Bradley Dunn

Sales Director

Yarl and Bradley have been involved with the company since they could walk. Helping their Dad, Bill and Mum, Sue with the day to day and building the company to the success it is having now.

Having taken the reigns of SHS, Yarl and Bradley are determined to continue to grow the company even more while maintaining its values which has made the company such a trusted name when it comes to handling solutions.

Warren Gulley

Regional Sales Manager – South – Joined 2018

Special Skill
Warren is a man of many talents. As well as a cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Warren is the man to call if you need a kitchen built, or anything built. He loves working on a digger and is just as happy with some power tools in hand.

James Ferguson

Regional Sales Manager – North – Joined 2015

Interesting Fact
James is a long-suffering Newcastle United fan, sticking with them through thick and thin… More interestingly though, he claims to be able to fit 7 Kit Kat Chunky’s into his mouth at once…

Brynley Devenish

Internal Sales Manager – South – Joined 2021

Interesting Fact
Brynley acts as the office radio. Continuously humming or singing snippets of whatever pops in his head. A big fan of calisthenics, after a solid session in the gym, his go to cheat meal is a tub of Hägen Dazs Pralines and Cream.

Myron Coles

Internal Sales Manager – North – Joined 2021

Interesting Fact
Myron is a bit of country man. He likes a country jacket, a country boot, country music and a stroll through the countryside. Myron is dreaming that one day he will be the proud owner of a pair R M Williams boots.

Nick Chan

Head of Marketing – Joined 2021

Interesting Fact
Nick is also a fan of keeping fit, squeezing in a run at lunch or a gym session before work. He has oddly, represented England playing Dodgeball and his claim to fame is appearing on the TV show Total Wipeout!

Ciara McCarthy

Trade Sales Support – Joined 2021


Richard Furr

Customer Service Manager – Joined 2019

Interesting Fact
Richard is a self-confessed “Gaming Legend”! His preferred genre is RPG and his favourite game, Skyrim. When he isn’t answering customer queries, he can be found slaying mythical monsters as “Skooj”!

Tom Gardner

Sales Support – Joined 2020

Interesting Fact
Tom, despite having recently joined the Electric Car Owners Club, is a petrol head. His preferred motorsport is not high speed whirring of F1 but he much prefers the crackle , bangs and action of the WRC or BTCC.

Zac Godden

Service Technical Manager – Joined 2018

Interesting Fact
Zac is the company tech genius, often called to fix things other than handling equipment. A lover of the outdoors, Zac is a keen hiker and his favourite route is Crib Goch Scramble on Snowden.

Linda Ebsworth

Customer Service / Accounts Assistant – Joined 2017

Interesting Fact
Linda is the Party Queen! She loves a dance, sometimes it’s on a table, sometimes round a handbag. Speaking of handbags… Linda is also the custodian of a Mulberry Bayswater handbag, which she is very proud about.

Karen Harris

Service Controller – Joined 2020

Interesting Fact
Karen is a keen runner but prefers the trails and accompanied by her four legged, friends Dawn and Alfie for a bit of canicross. They aren’t the only animals she has, she also has 3 chickens, Betty, nori and happy and, a cat called Foggy.

Sarah Thomson

Service Admin – Joined 2021

Interesting Fact
Sarah loves a run! Being the mum to 6 kids and 1 grandchild, if she isn’t on the treadmill, she is often running around for the family.


Jonny Cooper

Warehouse Manager – Joined 2018

Special Skill
Despite being in his 40’s, Jonny still maintains some of the “B-Boy” skills of his youth, it was his signature move “The Worm” that lead him to the being crowned “Oxfordshire Junior Breakdance Champion 95/96” (unconfirmed).

Ash Crampton

Warehouse Supervisor – Joined 2016

Special Skill
Ash, as well as dab hand on one of our Lithium Ion Forklifts, he is also just as talented on a skateboard. He tells us he is a “Transition Skater” and is known or his signature “Kick Flip”. Next trick to conquer is the “Backside Nose Blunt”… Whatever that is…

Steve Ramdeen

Workshop Technician – Joined 2020

Interesting Fact
Steve loves a holiday! Laid out on a sun lounger, sipping on a fruity drink with a little umbrella is his happy place. Surprisingly, his holidays are mostly funded by the money he saves not drinking tea or coffee! We don’t know how he stays awake!

Hamish Dalziel-Moran

Warehouse Operative – Joined 2013

Special Skill
Hamish is the official Eating Champion of SHS. As well as his fancy surname, he is known well at the local restaurants, famously ploughing through a starter, 3 mains and still with room for pudding. All you can eat buffets beware!

Les Rowe

Workshop Manager – Joined 2018

Interesting Fact
Les is a serial collector of nicknames, everyone has their own name for Les. But at home, he likes to collect watches instead, which explains why he is never late.

Nick Campion

Warehouse Operative – Joined 2018

Interesting Fact
Nick is the proud Grandfather to 12 grandchildren. He enjoys taking them to the park and admits that sometimes he might join in on the swings.


Bob Murdoch

Field Service Engineer – Joined 2021

Interesting Fact
Bob is a self-confessed workaholic. When he finally does down tools, his perfect weekend is watching a bit of sport, with a real ale and a Sagaloo. Extra naan!

Dean Nixon

Field Service Engineer – Joined 2021

Special Skill
Dean Nixon, aka “Nippy Nixon” is our former motorsport racer. Multi-Talented, he raced in both Stock Cars and on motorbikes. Wearing the number “49” he could often be found in the gravel trap following a high speed “incident”. Thankfully he’s a bit slower in the work van.

Shane Sheppard

Field Service Engineer – Joined 2021

Special Skill
Shane is a member of a dynamic trio. Shane and his sidekicks, English Bull Terrier Luna(tic) and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bobby always head out on adventures to save the world and battle villains together!