If your business is involved in the shipping and handling of packages, you’ll know how essential it is that orders are picked in as accurate and efficient a way as possible. This is where an EP order picker comes in. The foundation of a successful logistics operation is efficiency, and in order to make your processes as efficient as possible, it’s essential that you use specialised equipment.

Enter the range of dedicated EP order pickers, specifically designed to help your business function.

What is an EP order picker?

As the name implies, order pickers are specialised machines designed to facilitate the picking of orders from your warehouse. Order pickers come in a variety of designs and configurations, but generally, they will have a platform on which the operator can stand and a means of picking orders. For small orders that may be a flat loading area to manually stack multiple picked orders, or in the case of heavier duty pickers, it could be a pair of forks designed to carry pallets.

Why are order pickers useful?

Order pickers have some specific advantages that make them a wise investment for logistics operations. The first is that they are designed to allow efficient and speedy order picking. They’re easy to operate and provide a safe, secure loading area for multiple orders to be picked simultaneously or for a heavier order to be carried without the need for manual labour. They are also specifically designed for the purpose, which means they are generally highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate around even relatively tight warehouse floors. Intuitive controls mean that minimal downtime is required for employee safety and operation training, and the minimal need for walking can considerably improve order processing times across larger facilities.

The EP order picker range

At EP we’re proud to offer the JX range of order pickers, designed around your needs.

The JX0 is the foundation of our order picker range and provides efficient order picking capabilities to a broad range of businesses. It boasts an intuitive user interface that’s easy to operate and understand by employees of all skill levels. The comfortable operator platform minimises operator fatigue even through busy shifts, while the specifically designed conventional steering controls offer great flexibility and manoeuvrability. The drive and lift functions can also be operated single-handed.

The JX1 is an order picker designed with verticality in mind, allowing your operators to safely and efficiently pick orders stored in high places. It boasts a carrying capacity of 227kg on the front tray and 137kg on the rear tray, while the electronic power steering and variable speed control allow for safe and efficient movement across your premises. It’s constructed using a steel frame and uses a steel I-beam to ensure maximum stability even when picking heavier orders from height.

The JX2 offers increased carrying capacity again and is able to comfortably carry up to one ton, which makes it suitable for even the busiest logistics operations. It boasts a double chassis with a fully steel-covered truck body to ensure maximum rigidity, stability, and protection for the operator. The controls have been specifically designed to be as intuitive as possible while providing maximum feedback to ensure millimetre-perfect placement is possible at all times.

Investing in electric battery technology

You have a range of options when it comes to fuel types for your order pickers, generally either electric or gasoline/diesel. The EP JX order picker range benefits from consistent improvements in battery technology.

Why are batteries better? The first is they have no emissions, which means you can operate them safely even in enclosed warehouses and order fulfilment centres. Another key benefit is that it minimises intrusive vibrations and noise, which ultimately makes them more comfortable machines for your order pickers to operate over the course of a shift. Swift charging means that EP JX order pickers can be easily integrated even into 24/7 logistics operations and operate efficiently.

If your business has solar panels or any means to generate green energy, it’s possible to keep the batteries charged using entirely renewable power sources. This not only saves you money but helps improve the environmental credentials of your business. As logistics is a sector often dependent on heavy fuels, this allows you to take key steps in cleaning up your environmental footprint without making any sacrifices to your productivity. Something else to consider is that battery vehicles have fewer moving parts, which means servicing costs and downtime are reduced as there are no complicated engines to worry about.

Which is right for you?

In all regards, an EP JX order picker can make a valuable addition to your business. Regardless of the scale and scope of your logistics operation, there’s a perfect order picker for you in the EP JX range. For more information, or for help in deciding which is the right order picker for your needs, contact our friendly team today.