Pallet trucks, whether a manual pallet truck or electric, also called pallet pumps or jacks, are a type of forklift used in warehouse environments to move pallets. They are essential in warehouses and storage facilities because they save time, increase efficiency and reduce risks and injuries at work. There are two main types of pallet trucks; manual and electric. This article compares the two and explains why electric-powered pallet trucks are the best.

What is the difference between a manual and electric pallet truck?

The main differentiating factor between these two pallet trucks is how they are operated or powered. Like its name, a manual pallet truck involves manual, hand operations with levers and cranks to lift pallets into position before pushing them to another area. In contrast, an electric pallet truck uses battery-powered hydraulic systems to do the lifting and moving actions. Electric models also offer operators a platform to stand and drive the pallet truck for more convenient pallet handling.

Benefits of electric pallet trucks over a manual pallet truck

Electric pallet trucks offer numerous advantages over manual ones for various warehouse operations, as shown below:

Better control

Manual pump trucks are typically more complex and awkward to move around than electric models. Most warehouse workers prefer doing their jobs as effectively and quickly as possible, which is more attainable using electric models. It is easy to load and unload pallets on electric pump tracks, and it is also easier to move the pallets around when using electric models.

Handles heavier loads

The power-assisted lift and transportation feature allows electric pump trucks to handle heavier loads. This feature means you can carry larger goods within a short time. In addition, adding greater loads onto electric models does not affect the push or pull force because the operator only needs to push a switch or button to lift and transport heavy pallets.

Diverse options with different lifting capabilities

Purchasing electric pallet trucks allows you to access the best and most efficient warehouse handling equipment. Some models feature new designs and helpful features that make your pallet transportation needs quicker and more streamlined. In contrast, manual pallet pumps feature a basic design that can cause operator fatigue and slower operation.

Ideal for busy environments

Electric pallet pumps deliver smoother and significantly faster transportation. Increasing the speed of unloading and loading pallets will help prevent warehouse jams. Reducing jams is an essential requirement for busy warehousing environments, particularly when you want to eliminate any delays.

Smaller and saves space

If saving space is essential to your warehousing needs, you can comfortably and reliably get your work done with electric pallet trucks. Electric models are typically more compact than manual ones, making them perfect for smaller, narrower spaces. Electric models can easily move around without damaging or knocking over surrounding racks.

Enhance productivity

Electric pallet jacks move at high speed, can be recharged quickly, and offer more flexibility since they can operate in tight spaces. All these properties contribute to improved productivity in warehouses, especially when you want to transport multiple pallets simultaneously. Furthermore, electric jacks typically travel longer distances while maintaining relatively efficient and fast services.

Eco friendly

Electric pallet trucks are eco-friendly and safe to use indoors. The electric-powered batteries do not produce harmful emissions during operations, making them the perfect equipment for companies looking to hit their environmental sustainability targets by minimising their overall carbon footprint.

Better visibility

In warehouse material handling, adequate visibility is critical for safety and efficient daily operations. Electric pallet trucks, particularly the models with ride-on capabilities, offer greater visibility and make it safer and quicker to pick up and transport loads. The improved view allows workers to scan their path better, avoiding any obstacles or debris that could cause damage or accidents.

Easier workload

The primary reason for using an electric pallet truck over a manual pallet truck is to make pallet handling workloads easier. The easy controls, smooth operations, and impressive reliability simplify the loading, transportation and unloading jobs in warehouses and similar environments. In addition, these electric trucks can easily climb inclines and ramps where workers would be unable to push or pull manual jacks.

Improves ergonomics

Having the pallets lifted and transported by electric-powered motors rather than workers helps minimise fatigue and back strain experienced when using manual pallet pumps. Your firm may experience a substantial reduction in injuries due to a safer working environment. Electric jacks also allow you to expand your employee pool because less fit or older workers can still use electric models without issues.

Conclusion – manual pallet truck or electric?

As shown above, electric pallet trucks outperform manual ones in safety, efficiency, usability, productivity, versatility, and many other critical areas. Purchasing electric models is smart if you want safer and more productive pallet-handling equipment. Even though electric pallet trucks have a slightly higher initial cost than manual ones, the impressive benefits shown above make them worth the investment.

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