In the dynamic world of food delivery, where efficiency and safety are paramount, Bid Food National Food Delivery Company stands out as a leader. This prominent national business specialises in delivering a wide range of culinary delights across the UK, always striving for excellence in every aspect of their operations. Recently, the company faced a unique challenge following a high-paying contract acquisition with a leading fast-food restaurant chain.

The primary objective was clear: Bid Food needed a bespoke sack truck solution. This solution had to be more than just robust; it needed to improve safety, efficiency, and ease of handling in day to day operations. The sack trucks in use were ill-equipped and not up to the task, creating the need for a tailor-made solution to meet the clients specific demands.


The core of this new venture involved the delivery of heavy kebab rolls, each weighing a substantial 150kg. The task was unique, not just in its scale but also in the specific requirements it demanded. So, the challenge was twofold. 

Physical and Operational Demands

The first challenge was the pure physical demand of the task. The kebab rolls were not only heavy but also awkward to handle due to their size and shape. This presented a significant risk of injury to the delivery team, who were used to handling considerably lighter and more manageable packages and pallets. The potential for injuries, particularly in the lower back and shoulders, was a major concern, given the repetitive nature of the delivery tasks. 

Additionally, the operational challenge was equally as daunting. The Bid Food company’s success hinged on its ability to maintain a seamless and efficient delivery process. The standard sack trucks, which had been sufficient for previous operations, were proving to be insufficient for these new, heavier loads. They were not designed for such weights or for the efficient manoeuvrability of bulky items like kebab rolls. This mismatch led to slower delivery times and increased physical exertion, which could potentially compromise employee well-being and job satisfaction. 

Custom Solution Need 

The need for a custom solution was clear and time sensitive. The standard sack truck models available in the market were primarily designed for general purposes and did not cater to the specific needs of heavy and bulky food items. Bid Food required a solution that was tailor-made to address the size, weight, and frequency of these deliveries. 

They needed a sack truck that was versatile enough to be used for other types of deliveries as well. This dual requirement added another layer of complexity to the challenge, as the solution had to be robust enough for the heaviest items but also adaptable for general use. 

Solution: Bespoke Sack Trucks for Handling Heavy Products

Responding to this challenge, SHS Handling Solutions stepped in. Our approach was well thought out, efficient, and innovative. The SHS engineering department embarked on an in-depth research and development process. Our engineering team conducted thorough analysis of the delivery process, identifying key areas where improvements could be made. The design of the bespoke sack truck focused on adaptability, safety, and dual functionality. It wasn’t just about handling heavy kebab rolls; the design also considered the need for versatility to cater to the company’s broader operational needs. 


The roll out of these bespoke sack trucks marked a significant shift in Bid Food’s delivery process. An important part of this phase was the training and adaptation period for the delivery teams both in the warehouse and on the ground. This training ensured that the staff were not only comfortable with the new equipment but could also leverage its full potential. 

Initially, there were challenges, as adapting to a new tool always requires a period of adjustment. However, these were swiftly overcome through continuous training and feedback sessions.  

Results and Impact 

The results were amazing, SHS’s bespoke sack trucks proved to be highly effective in practice. A spokesperson from the Bid Food team noted, “There was a noticeable improvement in delivery efficiency and a significant reduction in the physical strain on employees as soon as the new sack trucks were rolled out.” 

Safety metrics showed a decline in workplace injuries related to material handling. Employee satisfaction scores also rose, as the delivery team appreciated the ease and safety that the new sack trucks provided. 

The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. They found the bespoke sack trucks from SHS Handling Solutions not only made their job easier but also safer. The adaptability of the trucks meant they could be used for other tasks as well, making them a versatile addition and worthwhile to the company’s equipment arsenal. 


The bespoke material handling solution provided by SHS Handling Solutions was a resounding success for Bid Food National Food Delivery Company. It met the unique needs of handling 150kg heavy kebab rolls efficiently and safely, setting a new standard in their operations within the food delivery industry. 

The outcome of this project has opened avenues for future collaboration and innovation in bespoke material handling solutions. It stands as proof to the fact that with the right partner and handling solution, even the most complex challenge can be transformed into opportunities for efficiency, safety, and operational excellence. 

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