In a warehouse, space is everything. Pallet trucks and stackers can help you make the most of it. Space represents a premium that must always be optimised for business growth and warehouse development. Not only does it directly impact your success as a business and warehouse technician but it governs how smoothly the daily operation of the warehouse goes.

Expanding good storage beyond the floor plan is one of the first steps of maximising the use and efficiency of your warehouse. This is where the use of pallet stacks comes in. By introducing a pallet racking system, you can expand from the floorplan upwards – the same way a city building extends upwards when it can’t extend across.

It’s crucial to tap into this aspect of your warehouse in a way that is organised and effective to ensure that you can optimise the use of your warehouse space. Disorganised stacking and pallet racking can cause twice as many issues as limiting your space so it’s important to address this in a safe and stable manner.

One such way is by using pallet trucks and stackers. This blog will explore what pallet trucks and stackers are, and how you can get the most from your warehouse space by using them.

What are pallet trucks?

Also known as pallet jacks and jiggers, pallet trucks are warehouse tools designed to lift and transport pallets. These wheeled devices are the most basic form of forklift and are often hand operated. Pallet trucks are available in manual, hydraulic, and electric forms so you have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the right one for your warehouse.

Manual pallet trucks

Functioning as the standard pallet truck type, the manual version is capable of lifting and transporting pallet loads weighing up to 2,500kg.

Electric pallet trucks

Ideal for high-spec warehouse environments operating at a fast pace, the electric pallet truck removes the manual demands of pallet transportation.

High-lift pallet trucks

High-lift pallet trucks are specialist models used to lift pallets higher than a standard pallet truck. These can also be used as a workbench or lifting table.

Weigh-scale pallet truck

Essentially a standard version of the pallet truck, a weigh-scale model can weigh its carrying load to provide quick data of a pallet weight.

What are stackers?

Used for the more compact warehouse, stackers are specialised devices also designed for lifting and transporting pallets around warehouses. Stackers, unlike pallet trucks, however, are used by warehouse staff to lift pallets onto stacking racks for storage or onto vehicles.

While cheaper, stackers demand more physical labour from users. Like the pallet truck, there are several different types of stacker, including:

• Manual stackers
• Electric walkie stackers
• Rider stackers
• Centre rider stackers
• Weigh-scale stacker
• Counterbalance walkie stackers
• Walkie straddle stackers
• All-terrain stackers

How can pallet trucks and stackers help businesses get more from their warehouse?

Not only do trucks and stackers represent ergonomic and efficient methods of meeting the demand in warehouses but they offer the chance to optimise your longitudinal axis of space. By tapping into the unchartered height of your warehouse, you can expand your current storage.

Pallet trucks and stackers help you to achieve this by giving you safe and secure access to these heights. They provide a wealth of benefits and abilities to get the most from your warehouse space.

Maximise storage capacity

With pallet trucks and stackers, you can finally branch out beyond the floorplan of your warehouse and explore the heights it offers. This will help you to maximise the storage capacity you currently have and expand as a business without needing a larger storage container.

Cover greater distances

By using trucks and stackers, you can safely access distances you could not before. You can reach higher than you used to with just staff and ladders, extending into the heights of your warehouse. Furthermore, where it was once difficult to transport goods and pallets long distances, your staff can now do it with ease.

Easier and safer manual handling for staff

This opens up the height of your warehouse as a storage potential while keeping your staff and warehouse operatives safe. Where they might have endangered themselves, the production, and the goods by attempting large manual handling tasks, you can now be confident of their safety.

Using pallet trucks and stackers turns a several-person task into something that can be accomplished safely by just one.

Offer the ability to make the most of smaller spaces due to increased manoeuvrability

Due to their compact chassis and modern innovation, pallet trucks and stackers can now manoeuvre comfortably down narrow aisles and access confined spaces.

When it comes to getting the most from your warehouse space, there are few more effective and affordable ways than by using pallet trucks and stackers.

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