Veltruk Carefree Puncture Proof Wheel

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Puncture-proof wheel for Veltruk and Magliner sack trucks.

250mm x 85mm x 16mm

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HG901010SH –

The Carefree puncture-proof wheels are a highly durable product. If a wheel becomes punctured, it can put your equipment out of action, reducing productivity, but this puncture-proof wheel eliminates this possibility. It is made from heavy-duty microcellular foam that offers strong resistance and its subsequent puncture-proof properties.

The diameter of the wheel is 250mm and the width is 85mm, there is a borehole with a diameter of 16mm, and it is compatible with all our Veltruk and Magliner sack trucks. This product also comes with wheel precision bearings and a lifetime guarantee. Order this product online today through our secure checkout process.

*Single unit (1 wheel)


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