Easily accessible and simple to use, Magliner hand trucks have been an integral item of equipment for commercial and industrial operations for decades. It’s understood that while this versatile material handling solution can cope with several different loads and applications it’s not always the ideal option. Different working environments can present unique challenges as can cargo of varying weights shapes and sizes that a conventional two-wheel hand truck may struggle to handle.

For instance, imagine trying to move rounded cargo like bottles or kegs on a hand truck or transporting a load on one across a site with multiple stairs and no lifts? Using a hand truck in such situations can easily result in accidents and injuries along with the damaged stock.

Fortunately, the material handling solutions expert Magliner is offering enterprises a unique option to design a two-wheel dolly designed to meet their specific needs. The company has a dedicated build your Magliner platform that enables users to select from more than four million different combinations to create a bespoke hand truck for their individual needs.

In the next sections, we’ll explore some of the ways building your magliner hand truck can help you resolve a variety of challenges on-site and ensure you won’t have to stop using these lightweight and agile handling solutions. From innovative hooks and handles to adjustable nose plates and all-terrain wheels, read on as we explore the multitude of options available to suit your business requirements.

Handling different-shaped cargo on-site

While cube-shaped crates and boxes are not difficult to move using a hand truck and stack stably, not all cargo is so easy to deal with. Instead of struggling with a cumbersome load of unusual-shaped objects with a traditional hand truck, using a personalised one makes perfect sense.

Breweries and distillers understand that as mentioned earlier, bottles and kegs can be notoriously tricky to transport around workspaces due to their curved shape. However, designing a hand truck to have a curved back can accommodate and support them far easier allowing for safer ferrying. As an extra safeguard, keg hooks can also be added. These innovative security mechanisms can ensure kegs remain stable while on the move. Selecting different dimensions of hand trucks can also aid in the transportation of bottled liquids. As well as a curved back, selecting a longer frame can also offer extra support when carrying such cargo from A to B.

Considering the cargo weight you carry

Hand trucks can lighten the load for those using them, but once customised employees can move far greater weights without difficulty. Loads that would typically exceed the recommended specification for standard hand trucks can be managed when you customise hand trucks to cope with them. An increased weight limit becomes unnecessary when you alter the dimensions of the truck and its handles.

An employee will be able to comfortably manage a greater load by customising the hand truck with not only an extended frame to take the load, but extended handles to grip as well. To spread the weight of heavy loads, a longer nose plate can create a greater surface area. However, to keep your hand truck flexible for a diverse range of duties, you can select a foldable nose plate. As a result, you can retract the nose plate when performing lighter duties.

Coping with stairs

There are certain multi-level sites where lift access is limited. Hand trucks like those created by Magliner are designed for getting the task performed quickly, this means that waiting for a free elevator can defeat the object of using them. In such circumstances, having a powered stair dolly may be a wise investment but for light work where taking loads up and down, stairs is an occasional requirement a simpler and more affordable option is available.

Hand trucks can be customised to include mechanical stair climbers, helping employees move cargo safely. Stairs are always health and safety concerns for material handling environments, but a customised hand truck can mitigate these issues.

Managing rough surfaces

While some working environments are fortunate enough to have smooth and seamless flooring, not all sites are sol lucky. Many locations will include both indoor and outdoor areas and inventory may need to traverse many different terrains before it reaches its destination. Hand truck modification can help companies ensure that solutions can manage any type of surface they encounter avoiding toppling loads and operator accidents.

All-terrain wheels are an ideal upgrade but selecting a folded nose plate is also advantageous. Traversing uneven ground with the nose plate retracted can be far easier when the hand truck is not loaded.

In sum, with millions of different combinations available, enterprises using hand trucks on site can create a custom option to suit every possibility with this innovative service from Magliner.

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