There aren’t many positive things to take from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic; it has been terrible in so many ways, for so many people. But when it comes to warehousing, COVID has actually brought on a complete industry boom. As more and more people turn to shopping online, warehousing and logistics operations are seeing consistent growth in trade. Why is this, and what do you need to do to be prepared?

What has caused the rush?

The online shopping rise has, understandably, come about as a result of many people no longer being able, or in many cases, willing, to shop as normal. For a long time, there has been consistent talk about a reduction in the number of people using traditional brick and mortar stores to make their purchases. This is for many reasons; shopping online is often cheaper, quicker, and far more convenient. As people work longer hours, it’s easier to fit their shopping requirements around their schedules by doing it online rather than having to take the time to do shopping in person.

Then coronavirus came along and changed everything we considered normal. Now, rather than simply offering convenience, in many ways, online shopping was the only way for people to be able to get the goods they needed. Everything from the weekly food shop to clothing, bedding, home accessories, and everything in between is now much easier and safer to get online. As many parts of the UK are in rolling lockdowns, for most people, there simply hasn’t been an option for buying the things they need; the only option is to shop virtually, so that’s what they have done.

The rise in online deliveries has more behind it than pure practicality, however. In many cases, people who have been able to keep their jobs are finding they have more disposable income than before. With social events all but impossible, they’re turning their attention to making other purchases instead, which means they’re shopping online even more often than they would if they were only shopping for necessities. With much more time on their hands, shoppers are also broadening their horizons to include more hobby, skill, and learning purchases than ever before.

Too much of a good thing?

All of this is of course great news for warehousing and logistics industries, who have in many cases been absolutely swarmed with demand. The trouble is that there was no time to prepare for this change; coronavirus hit, and the demand began to swell within weeks. It hasn’t stopped, instead continuing to grow exponentially. In many instances, this has lead to a lot of warehousing businesses actually starting to buckle under the load. Demand is a great thing, it’s what all businesses crave to survive, but too much demand can push resources and manpower to their limits.

There are many components to a successful warehousing, logistics, and order fulfilment operation. There needs to be appropriate product supply and room to store, a computer system capable of indexing stock and processing orders, the required staff to pick and pack orders, and then a robust delivery network in order to get those products out to people. Investing in infrastructure isn’t easy when you’re already at peak capacity.

This is why fulfilment businesses of all kinds need to invest in the right materials to ensure they continue trading smoothly.

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