Many warehouses have made the switch from manual pallet trucks to electric or semi-electric alternatives in recent years. These trucks are designed to handle the same heavy loads as non-electric versions but offer numerous benefits. The goal of many warehouses is to gradually phase out their use of diesel-powered pallet trucks in favour of more environmentally-friendly electric alternatives. Not only will businesses reduce their carbon footprint, but they will also save themselves money in the long run as electric vehicles don’t need to be refuelled continually. The excellent safety profile of electric trucks, coupled with their impressive ease of use and a high degree of versatility, make them a fantastic addition to any warehouse environment.

What are the benefits of electric pallet trucks?

One of the key considerations for warehouse businesses when buying forklift vehicles is not just the cost of the vehicle itself but also the costs of keeping it fuelled. The fuel costs alone for a fleet of vehicles can be significant and can ultimately end up exceeding the cost of the machines themselves. Electric pallet trucks will usually cost more upfront, mostly due to the additional batteries and chargers. However, they should work out cheaper in the long term for most warehouses and come with several other important benefits.

Because they run on electricity, you don’t just eliminate fuel costs, but you also significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are also much quieter than diesel-powered forklifts, which improves health and safety within the operating environment. Finally, they are easier to operate than diesel-powered forklifts and involve fewer moving parts. An electric pallet truck is much less likely to break down, meaning repair and maintenance costs are minimal.

Electric forklift trucks can do everything their diesel-fuelled counterparts can. You might need to alter your operating shift patterns to maximise productivity with electric vehicles. For warehouses that operate 24/7, using a spare battery or ensuring each vehicle is charged during the day can enable them to operate continually.

Liftek EP DriverTruk 30 Plug-In Fully Electric Pallet Truck

The DriverTruk 30 from Liftek is the ideal pallet truck for retail businesses and the beverage industry and makes a fine addition to any warehouse environment. Plug & Play batteries enable the DriverTruk 30 to work continuously throughout the day, while seamless battery swaps ensure it can cope with both daily operations and back to back shifts without any interruption.

Liftek EP DriverTruk 10/20/30 Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

The DriverTruk 10 from Liftek is a semi-electric vehicle, offering all the advantages of a pallet truck at a lower cost. The truck is driven by electricity, while lifting is achieved manually using a pump. At half the cost of a fully electric pallet truck, the DriverTruk 10 is an excellent choice for any warehouse or business looking for a reliable machine at a reasonable price. The battery should reliably provide at least 3 hours of constant use before it needs to be recharged. The DriverTruk 10 has proven to be one of our top sellers and is a popular option for businesses that want to take advantage of everything electric pallet trucks have to offer without having to pay top dollar for them.

The DriverTruk 20 is an improvement on the 10 in every way. Both vehicles are capable of performing well in any warehouse setting, but the DriverTruk 20’s array of enhanced features has made it the first choice for warehouses and depots across the UK. A more powerful drive motor provides maximum lifting power with minimal effort. It also comes with extra-tight cornering when in the upright position.

The next iteration, the DriverTruk 30, is due to arrive in early July and looks set to provide another exceptional semi-electric experience for warehouses. Boasting several upgrades to improve safety and efficiency, the 30 looks set to become the new standard for semi-electric pallet trucks like the 10 and 20 before it.

Liftek EP Electric Pallet Truck 1500

The latest next-generation vehicles from Liftek are equipped with Li-ion batteries and integrated chargers, providing more flexibility than ever before. These compact trucks incorporate all the lessons that EP has learned over the last decade and combines them in a compact package to produce the perfect trucks for use throughout the warehouse and logistics industries.

Liftek EP PowerGlide 1200+ PLUS

This is another fantastic semi-electric pallet truck. With the same profile as a manual pallet truck, the PowerGlide series’ conventional look disguises the myriad features that make them stand out from the manual pallet trucks you might be used to. They weigh slightly less than manual trucks and handle exceptionally well. Both novices and experienced operators will feel right at home operating one of these.

SHS Handling

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