As the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a glance at what’s been happening here at SHS Handling, as well as a wider look at what 2019 has brought for the logistics equipment industry in general. We have been lucky enough to enjoy another successful year, providing customers with the high-quality order pickers, stackers, trolleys, pallet trucks and other equipment they need to provide effective, efficient logistical outcomes. We also continue to celebrate our partnership with EP, which enables our customers to benefit from a premium line of pickers, stackers and trolley trucks. Read on to see how EP and SHS Handling enjoyed an amazing few days together at IMHX in Birmingham this year, as well as discover our top picks when it comes to new handling products on the market.

Award-winning products from EP

As a primary supplier of EP equipment, we’re always delighted to bring out customers some of the best handling equipment out there. 2019 was the year that EP won the prestigious iF product design award. This award has been presented since the 1950s to companies that show particular innovation. With global brands such as Toyota having participated in the iF awards previously, it’s clear that EP’s iF design award 2019 win is a good one!

The winning product was EP’s WPL201 Li-ion pallet truck. An electric truck powered by the highly efficient Li-ion battery, the WPL201 showcases several improvements which reduce or eliminate some of the problems that traditional electric pallet trucks face. For example, the battery is powerful enough to run the truck through a complete shift without the need to recharge. The battery is also able to be kept charged through frequent shorter charge times, enabling it to be run 24/7 provided operators take the opportunity to recharge the battery whenever there’s a small period of downtime. Globally, it is the smallest Li-ion pallet truck available (measuring just 423mm). This makes it the perfect choice for working conditions where space is at a premium (for example inside a trailer or HGV, or in a crowded warehouse). Leading the way in providing top-quality logistics equipment, we are delighted that EP’s expertise has been recognised through the presentation of the IF 2019 award.

12EZ Pro EP PowerGlide 1200+

We are always looking for ways to give our customers access to more and better equipment choices, which is why we were delighted to add the 12EZ Pro EP PowerGlide to our range in 2019. Specifically designed for optimal use in a retail environment, this powered pallet truck is no bigger than a manual version, but includes the advantage of power. Weighing just 120kg, it’s still able to lift over a metric tonne of goods in one go. A relatively small piece of equipment, this is ideal for shopfloor work or other applications where space is at a premium. One of the major benefits of the EP PowerGlide is the powerful Li-ion battery: capable of performing for three hours continuously, batteries can be easily swapped when fresh power is needed.

IMHX 2019 – Birmingham NEC

In late September, SLS Handling and EP teamed up to run a joint stall at the well-known IMHX 2019 event at Birmingham NEC. Recognised as one of the most influential and high-profile events in the logistics calendar, IMHX attracts national and international brands, along with a host of experts in the logistics field. With more than 450 companies represented, as well as attendance from logistics professionals, IMHX was the perfect arena for SLS and EP to showcase their products. For both ourselves and EP, the event was a resounding success. Not only was there the opportunity to raise awareness of what we can offer, it was also a chance to link with other suppliers, potential customers and partners in order to expand capacity and provide our customers with even more great products at competitive prices. We made a record number of sales during the event, in addition to raising our corporate profile within the logistics industry. Whilst there is no IMHX in 2020, we hope to be there again in 2021, with fresh innovations, products and solutions to offer.

Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) 2019 Awards shine a light on the way forward

Logistics is a dynamic industry, where inventive solutions, problem-solving and forward-thinking design are a regular feature. One of the best ways to take a look at what’s fresh and exciting in the industry is to take a look at the FLTA 2019 awards. These are presented to companies who are leading the way in various aspects of forklift technology.

With energy-efficient, sustainable fuel options always high on the agenda, it’s little surprise that the winner of the environment award was the first hydrogen-powered forklift! Baumann’s HT2X60 is a revolutionary machine that opens up a fresh avenue for environmental work. The ergonomics award went to Hubtex, who instigated an “operator first” design approach in order to create the MaxX multi-directional side loader. Side accumulators charged with nitrogen were just one of the features which helped Sany’s H9 win the award for innovation. Other highlights included awards for safety, best supplier and best individual contribution to the industry. What these awards tell us is that green, ergonomic products which have safety as a priority are the way forward for logistics operators. Many environmentally friendly products already appear in our inventory and we will continue to look for fresh options to offer our customers as time goes on.

2019 has been an exciting and eventful year for SHS handling, which has seen our business grow and thrive, despite the various economic challenges out there. With fresh products coming on stream regularly and a commitment to service, quality and value, we are committed to continuously improving what we offer. We are grateful for all that has been achieved this past year, which would not have been possible without the support of our customers and our exceptionally dedicated and skilled staff team. We look forward now to the challenges and opportunities which 2020 will bring.

If you’re looking to take your business forward in 2020, contact us today to talk about how we can help.