The currently growing number of breweries means greater benefits for wheat farmers and oak producers, and more jobs for the general public. The downside to this, however, is that this means there increased chances of brewery mishaps.

In a brewery, hazardous conditions and materials can hot water in vessels or piping, chemicals in the pressurised systems, or electrical energy in the pumps, bottling lines, and mills. Among other things, suspended weights can also be hazardous.

As such, if you are a business in the brewing industry, it’s important to review your brewing processes to prevent accidents – you have to look out for the safety of the all your staff (as well as any visitors) in the brewery.

Preventing Hazardous Contact

When machines or equipment are operated under unregulated speeds or conditions, hazards may be created and this can compromise employee safety. In this regard, items such as cellar pads come in very handy. Made using insertion rubber and multiple layers of foam, these items facilitate better handling of containers by slowing down casks from vertical drop. The pads also include a plastic cover that keeps the foam protected from the elements.

Facilitating Safe and Effective Transportation

In a brewery, barrels have to be moved from one location to another and if this is done manually or by hand, it can lead to back injuries and other accidents. Keg trucks safeguard against such injuries while still enabling smooth manoeuvring during transportation. The trucks hold the beer barrels in position and by making use of such equipment, you can be confident to remain on the right side of the brewery health and safety regulations. Apart from that, the equipment can also help boost deliveries made per route considering that transportation can be done faster.

Avoiding Injuries from Heavy Lifting

While flammable gases can cause major hazards in a brewery, frequent heavy lifting could just be as harmful. Cellar skids can be very useful where there is need to move containers between different levels. With this equipment, containers can be discharged into a cellar without the need for lifting; hence the goods can be delivered in a safer, more productive manner. Skids can either be bolted into the cellar area or hinged onto the cellar stairs. Compared to hoists, skids can help make great savings with regard to time and maintenance costs; not to mention the extra safety they provide.

Brewing quality beer is important, but ensuring the safety of employees in the brewery is even more important because when workers are put in danger, production cannot be maximised. Although chemicals and gases pose the highest risks in breweries, nothing should be overlooked because in such settings, risks are everywhere. To keep up with your brewery safety checklist, visit our website to browse our full range of products or call us free on 0800 619 0800 for more information.