Here’s our guide on how to choose an electric pallet truck. The electric pallet truck is a type of material handling equipment that is used to move loads from one place to another. Electric pallet trucks work by lifting up an object on the floor and then moving it to another location. The operator of the vehicle can control its direction by turning its body or with a steering wheel-like mechanism attached to the truck’s arm. The advantage of this type of truck over other types, such as diesel-powered trucks, is the lower operating costs and less maintenance required. This article will explore the uses of an electric pallet truck, the advantages, and the different types of electric pallet trucks.

The uses of an electric pallet truck

A great way to get around your warehouse, these pallets are made for carrying and moving goods in the quickest possible time. These trucks come in both pedestrian and ride-on versions. Pedestrian models are designed for short distances, while the ride-on models can be used over longer distances thanks to their dock leveller.

This powerful piece of equipment is designed for the heaviest loads, which makes it perfect for warehouses, distribution centres, construction sites, and anywhere else where heavy lifting is required.

Advantages of electric pallet trucks

Pallet truck hires are perfect for warehouses and industrial sites. They’re not only the most cost-effective option, but they also offer increased flexibility in that you can hire them on a one-off basis or rent them on an ongoing basis.

Electric pallet truck hires are a cost-effective way to get the right equipment for your business. They offer many benefits including increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and minimal maintenance. Hiring also allows you to change the configuration of your pallet truck as needed without having to buy new machinery. Read on for more benefits of hiring electric pallet trucks:

• Electric trucks are quieter than diesel-powered forklifts, which reduces noise pollution.

• They’re also more cost-effective because they require less fuel and break down less. So, you don’t have to worry about fuel costs with these models – just plug them in when you need them.

• The electric pallet truck is the perfect solution for your warehouse or distribution centre. You can load it up with as much weight as you want, without any strain on the engine. The motor has no belts to break, and if anything does go wrong, there’s a backup battery so you’re not left stranded. Plus, they’re quieter than diesel trucks and easier to operate – we’ll even teach you how!

• They’re perfect for small spaces, and they’re safer too. This is because they are quieter than other options on the market – so they’re great for offices or warehouses with lots of people around.

• An electric-powered pallet truck offers more than just safe operation – they offer ergonomic handles and foot guards to prevent injuries as well as emergency braking buttons that will bring your load to a stop if necessary.

Types of electric pallet trucks available at SHS Handling

  1. Liftek’s EP PowerTruk 1800+ is a powerful electric pallet truck that can carry up to 1800kg. Its compact size allows for super tight cornering ability, which makes it perfect for warehouses and congested areas. The tiller head also allows the user to manoeuvre the vehicle in any direction with ease, meaning you don’t have to worry about being confined by your environment.
  2. A new Liftek driver truck is the DriverTruk 30. With a wide range of new and improved features making deliveries more efficient and safer, this pallet truck is now the best suited for all your tail lift deliveries. The DRIVERTRUK 30 has over 500 pallet network depots to make their deliveries safe and easy.
  3. The EP PowerRide 2000 has been designed to be an economical, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for transporting pallets in warehousing environments. With its compact design, the EP PowerRide 2000 can navigate tight corners and offers you a number of features that will help you get your job done faster. The ramp even features a built-in charger unit to protect the braking system from running out of juice. Plus, there are fingertip controls so you can easily move your cargo wherever you need it.

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