Platforms are ideal for accessing difficult to reach areas in a warehouse, distribution centre, factory or other industrial setting. SHS Handling Solutions supplies a range of platforms designed to assist workers reach shelves or other areas located at higher spots in your workplace. Our platforms are available in a variety of heights and configurations to give you the flexibility you need to meet individual needs.

Our range of platforms includes easy-rise steps with a truck and dock platform. Designed with durable and heavy duty wheels, these platforms can be easily moved into place. We also supply aluminium platforms with two to four steps featuring threads for added safety. These platforms are available with side and end rails to enhance worker safety, and they also feature castors to help you manoeuver platforms into place.
For larger warehouses or for access to higher areas, we offer double ended access platforms with three to five punched metal threads. These heavy duty platforms feature a welded steel frame with handrails and brake levers.

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