Other Attachments

To enhance the function of your forklift, SHS Handling Solutions supplies an extensive range of versatile extensions and other forklift attachments. The enhancements allow you to make the most of your forklift and adapt them for specialised tasks, including lifting awkwardly shaped loads.

Among our range of forklift attachments are fork-mounted magnets that are used to clear floors.
Our wheelie bin lifter is a convenient way of managing waste bins. We also supply battery lifting beams with drop chains and hooks, gas cylinder trolley bottle carriers, spreader beams to lift and lay rolls, and forklift locating yokes.
For construction sites and building suppliers, choose a mechanical scissor grab that is designed to lift, move and release materials such as blocks, bricks and other building materials. 

All of our forklift attachments are designed to work with standard forklifts without compromising their safety.

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